Title: Or is love
Date: March 1999
Size: 51cm x 51cm
Medium: Oil on linen

This is one of a series of 28 paintings, each of which is titled after a line in a poem. After painting the paintings I wrote the poem, then I took each line and, while repeating it out loud, I tried to feel which canvas was that line. After assigning each line to a painting I then re-examined the matches visually, did the paintings in that order look like the poem? A few moves were made before the final order was satisfactory.
This painting is the 4th line of "Love poem"

There is a rapture in me
When I think of you.
But is it love, to think?
Or is love
The moment of pure being,
When I am furthest from thought
And closest to an action
That is not a re-action
But an arising from my heart,
A single moment
When I am not pre-meditated
When I can't think of what to do
Because there is no time.
I am just me, now, Love.

And you are there, loved,
Standing, unknown
And unknowing me.
Something pure, golden
Passes between us,
Which becomes a memory in our heads
As the momentary opening, closes.
Afterwards, occasionally
There is a memory in my heart,
Lightness fills me
Freedom reigns,
And I am re-minded
Of feelings I never usually
Dare to feel.

© Joshua Wiskey 1999